Will Michael Misa be given exceptional status by OHL?

There will be many conspiracies surrounding Michael Misa’s future as he waits to see where the next step in his hockey journey will take him.

Missa Ontario is one of three junior players who have applied for exceptional status at OHL, along with Mississauga senator teammate William Moore and London junior Knights forward Ryan Rurbrooke. After scoring 21 points in the OHL Cup, Connor broke McDavid’s record, looking like the 15-year-old could consider the application further.

“There was talk that Misa might be rejected along with two other players who applied but after this performance in the OHL Cup run, it seems that Hockey Canada and the Ontario Hockey Federation may be considering or reconsidering her a little more than before.” Jeff Marek reports during the 32 Thoughts segment Hockey Night in Canada.

The exceptional-player rule was created in 2005, which allows players to apply for early access to the CHL. A panel of officials from Hockey Canada and the relevant junior leagues will, in this case, determine whether the Ontario Hockey Federation has approved the application.

Five players – John Tavares, Aaron Ecblad, Connor McDavid, Shawn Day and Shane Wright – have been named exceptional-players in the OHL, with Joe Valeno being the only Quebec Major Junior Hockey League player to achieve this feat. Connor Bedard is the only player to have been given exceptional status in the Western Hockey League.

Misa is not eligible to be elected to the NHL until 2025. His brother Luke played for the Mississauga Steelheads, after finishing 9th overall in the 2021 OHL Preference election.

Oakville, Ont., If the local is ultimately denied exceptional status, he may be interested from the south of the border if he wants to jump into big junior hockey.

“At USHL, Chicago Steel, for example, there are teams that have expressed interest in Misra, which should be denied, but this is going to be an important week,” Marek reported. “His camp thought they were getting an answer in the run-up to the OHL Cup that didn’t happen. We’ll see what happens. The OHL teams need to respond to their draft on April 29.”

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