Why the Flyers are finishing Keith Yandell’s ‘Amazing’ Ironman Streak

Philadelphia – The decision was as inevitable as it was uncomfortable.

Keith Yandel, the NHL’s newly crowned Ironman, will stop the streak of his continuous game on Saturday 989 – more than 13 years after the start of his remarkable run but only 11 games are more embarrassing than 1,000.

Realizing the weight of the benches, Philadelphia coach Mike Yoo announced his decision to scratch 35-year-old Yandel for the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Flyers home game.

“It’s important that we bring in some young players,” Yeo told reporters after the morning skate. “We have to look to the future.”

Yandel passed Ironman Doug Jarvis (964 games) earlier this season and his record of historic appearances spans three decades and four teams.

“It simply came to our notice then. So, it was very difficult, no question, “Yeo said of the controversial call.

“She is OK. He handled it extremely well. Obviously disappointing, which is what you would expect from a competitor and a hockey player as long as he has been doing it.

Yandle’s scratching is a reminder that there is only so much room for feeling in the sport.

Dad time comes for all of us.

“You have to respect the business side of it, what they’re trying to do here,” Yandel said, a class act that promises to work with the Rookies and try to get them back on the lineup.

“It’s hard to have a bad day in the NHL. Obviously, getting news that you’re not playing is not what you want to hear – and it is. [goes for] Every single person.

“But once you’re on the ice, you’re feeling like a kid again and smiling, twisting around.”

Sure, floundering flyers are miles away from the playoffs. Perhaps allowing Yandel to relocate would make him worthy of notoriety but not qualification could increase the odds of the flyers’ lottery.

With 15 more dates on the schedule, Yandle could be an unrestricted free agent with 1,004 games drawn in his resume. But there is no guarantee he will be signed in the summer.

Once in the dynamic power-play quarterback, Yandel scored a goal, added 14 assists and it was an NHL-worst minus-39.

The Flyers are one of the worst defensive teams in the league, and Yandle has seen its usage shrink every month this season.

It may be a diplomatic thing to continue playing yandel, but if the flyers try to create a competitive culture, it will not send the right message to the next wave.

“Everyone wants to make sure we finish the strong season, finish the season right,” Yeo said. “We want to make sure we continue to build here for the future, and that means if we can find some young people here, we have to do it.”

Yeo expressed concern about Yandal’s team-first attitude and support for the young people who came to his work, how he handled frustration with grace and class.

“My only hope is that he can recognize how amazing it is, what he has done,” Yeo said.

“A lot of people can’t say they’ve done something that nobody in NHL history has done. This in no way diminishes his achievement. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

Jarvis held the Ironman mantle for 34 years, Yandel could not wear the crown for a whole year.

Arizona Phil Kessel has tried hard to keep his own streak intact and passed Jarvis last week. With 968 live games to play, Kessel is shy of just 21 games from Yandle. As a pending free agent, the 34-year-old will need a contract for 2022-23 to jump over Yandel.

Regardless, the defender should keep his head high – even if he does it from the press box.

After GM Chuck Fletcher broke the hard news to him, Yandel spent time talking to Strick about his wife, his brother, and his parents.

“The last few days have been very reflective. I’m not really a very reflective person. Kinda hits you a little bit, ”he said.

“It’s definitely something I’m very proud of. I am lucky to play a match in this league. As long as I’m in this league, I’ve been blessed. I am forever indebted to this league. “

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