When the National Pitch Mets hit Lindore, the bench, the bullpen, were cleared

WASHINGTON – Benches and bullpen were emptied after Steve Sishek hit Francisco Linder off a pitch in the fifth inning on Friday night, and the Mets and Nationals faced each other on infield grass.

New York manager Buck Sholter led the charge after sinking one of his batsmen for the fourth time in 1 1/2 games to start the season.

Sishek was making his national team debut and relieved starter Josiah Gray after the Mets took a 4-3 lead. Linder squared to bunt, and Sishek’s second pitch was high and inside and hit the shortstop of the right jaw. Chishek is expelled.

Schwalter and several others shouted from the visiting dugout on the third-base side and ran to the field as the umpires tried to get between them and the Nationals, who began to leave their dugout on the first-base side. Soon, the reliever flowed through the bullpen across the outfield fence.

Away from the push-and-pull team, National’s right fielder Juan Soto went to check on Lindor, whose curly hair had turned blue as he curled down. Peach was seen holding a piece of extended faceguard at the end of his helmet.

Linder pointed to his face as a chauffeur and was examined by a Mets instructor.

The game was delayed by more than 10 minutes in total, as the umpires spoke at length to both Schwartz and national manager Dave Martinez, even after the near-Fracas had ended.

When Chishek was told he had to leave the game, he stretched out his hand and said, “Who, me?”

Left-hander Shawn Doolittle was given time to warm up on the home bullpen before finishing the top half of the innings.

The Mets followed Lindor’s binge three times in New York’s 5-1 win on opening day Thursday: James McCann twice and Pete Alonso, whose lower lip was bloody.

Schwalter said there was some emotion in the Mets dugout after Friday’s game when Alonso was hit on a pitch by Mason Thompson in ninth place.

On Friday, Mets starter Max Scherzer hit the nationals first baseman Josh Bell in the second inning.

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