Volkanowski beat the Korean zombie to hold the belt in UFC 273

Jacksonville, Fla. – Alexander Volkanowski beat Chan Sung Jung in UFC 273 early Sunday, gaining a technical knockout second in the fourth round to hold the featherweight belt.

The 33-year-old Volkanowski (24-1) has extended his professional winning streak to 21 with a 11-0 mark in the UFC Championship.

Jung, better known as “Korean Zombie”, was wounded, bleeding and having difficulty breathing after the first three rounds. He insisted he wanted to continue, but the referee stopped the fight within 45 seconds of the fourth round of five championship rounds.

“Very (experienced) good,” Volkanowski shouted inside the octagon after his last victory.

“Alexander the Great” was the most powerful man in the war, and it seemed to him that this could be the end of the world. Volkanovsky’s last four fights covered the distance. But he was fast enough than Jung, basically keeping the mixed clinic. Karate.

“I’m on another level now and I can’t be stopped,” Volkanovsky said, hoping the referee would stop fighting soon and at the last minute he felt bad for Jung.

“It felt like I hit a wall that I couldn’t cross,” said Jung, who is fighting his first title since 2013. He ran 3,171 days between shots in the featherweight belt.

The 35-year-old Jung fell on the mat after receiving a call for a fight and later hinted through an interpreter that he might consider retiring.

The main event was one-sided on the main card of UFC 273.

Aljamin Sterling became the undisputed bantamweight champion by defending his belt against Peter Ian. They were involved in a controversial disqualification more than a year ago. After dominating the war, Ian was decried for an illegal knee.

Sterling (21-3) looked like another fighter, controlling Ian for about eight minutes in the second and third rounds. Ian (16-3) fought in the final two rounds, working hard enough to make a split decision.

“I think I won this fight and I was robbed,” Ian said. “I want a rematch.”

Sterling had no plans for a trio fight with Ian, instead calling former Bantamweight champ TJ Dillash for his next fight.

The UFC’s third trip to Jacksonville in three years will feature a packed house featuring Florida Governor Ron Dyntes, former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovsky, Las Vegas Riders Defensive and Max Crossby, and the Jaguar Township.

They are treated to an epic event.

Not only did they win two titles to end the night, but they also witnessed the best fight of the year. Sweden’s Khamjat Chimayev has taken another step towards mixed martial arts stardom with a unanimous decision against 35-year-old Brazilian Gilbert Burns in the welterweight division.

Chimayev and Burns went toe for three rounds, exchanged punches and raised their profile. This was Chimayev’s most impressive outing so far and proved that he is a potential championship contender.

Chimayev (11-0) was undefeated and answered long-standing questions about how good he could be by knocking down second-ranked Burns (20-5).

“I didn’t know he was so tough,” Chimayev said.

Chimayev has not reached the third round in any of his previous professional fights. He was injured in the final round of this one and his first against a ranked opponent.

“That’s what I’ve been waiting for,” Chimayev said, with a large cut under his left eye. “I’m in pain, bloody and tired.”

Other battles on the original card:

– Mackenzie Darn (12-2) used a split decision against Tesia Torres to win for the fifth time in his last six fights. Sitting next to the cage with her husband and young daughter, Darn dominated the second round for the variety of Brazilian jiu-jitsu rice. But 32-year-old Torres (13-6) was saved from two deposits and was impressed to almost upset the fifth-ranked woman in the Strovet division in the last five minutes.

– Three-time Olympian Mark Madsen (12-0) remains unbeaten in a unanimous decision over 39-year-old Wink Pichel (14-3) in the lightweight division. Madsen won a silver medal for Denmark at the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

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