The MLB umpires will announce their decision to play at the stadium again this season

New York – “Play ball!” In addition, “Yor out!”, The big league umpires can be heard saying, “It’s over!” And “Keep up the good work!” For the first time this season.

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“Major League umpires will conduct announcements in the park during the replay review process,” Major League Baseball announced Friday. “We are delighted to be able to introduce this enhancement to the ballpark and broadcasting experience. Training has been held in Arizona and Florida this spring. “

MLB is the latest major pro sport in North America that the Replay Institute launches for home run calls in late 2008. Video reviews for the 2014 season were widely circulated.

So far, umpires have made their decisions safe and sound with hand gestures.

Of the 1,305 calls challenged by clubs last year, 655 were overturned (50.2 and 429 allowed to stand (32.9%) when there was not enough evidence to overturn or confirm.

NFL referees were given wireless microphones in 1975 to explain the penalty decision. The NFL had an early replay system from 1986-91, abandoned it, then reinstalled it for the 1999 season. The NHL added a replay system in 1991 and the NBA in 2002.

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