The four-star owner lives in the state of Hartford, choosing the state of Ohio

One of the country’s top ATH recruits, owner Hartford, will stay at home and play for the Ohio State Buckeyes. West Chester (OH) has named Lakota West Standout Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Kentucky and West Virginia in a final seven before making its commitment to the bookies today.

Hartford is currently listed as an ATH by rivals, but will play safety for the Buckeyes. He is also great in special teams.


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In your own words …

Why Hartford chose Ohio State and why he chose it now.

“I chose Ohio State because I love their program overall, and me and Coach Eliano tight. I know I would fit in with their scheme. I chose to do it now because I knew I wanted to be on the chest.”

How they plan to use him in defense.

“They see me fit in any safety position. They see my length, and versatility, and think I can fit anywhere.”

About his relationship with the coach Perry Eliano Influenced his decision. Eliano first proposed to Hartford while coaching in Cincinnati.

“Knowing Coach Eliano must have made me feel more comfortable.”

What awaits him most is his future in Hartford, Ohio State.

“I’m looking forward to competing with all the talent out there, and looking forward to learning from the very best. I want to get the full Buckeye experience.”

Hartford’s message to fans in the state of Ohio.

“My message to Ohio State fans. We’ll win a national championship while I’m there.”

Opponent’s response …

Hartford has become the No. 6 promise for the state of Ohio and a great addition to a class that is already in eighth place and will probably rise to the top of the rankings after its commitment. He became the fifth four-star performer in the 2023 class in Ohio State.

Hartford is the kind of player that gets you excited when you start filming. She plays like Jack of all trades and her hair is on fire. He has a speed and that is always 100%. Hartford is tall and athletic, but a college weight program needs to add some weight to his frame. His physicality, instincts and ability to play big are just some of the great qualities of Hartford. In every play he brings bad intentions.

This is a big deal for the bookies due to Hartford’s appointment, yet they were able to keep one of the best players in the state in the end.

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