The emotional return to the Blue Jays season opener sets the tone with the win

Toronto – Anyone else feeling dizzy?

You’ve got the Texas Rangers in town for a big game, featuring a key replay review with a Rangers infielder error in the seventh inning, and the slugging right fielder delivering a memorable three-run home run. Finally, after a sensitive night, the Blue Jays win.

Of course, the stakes are lower now than it was back in 2015, when Jose Bautista sent bat bat flip home run Blue Jess to the ALCS, but the win was not insignificant. Coming back from winning a game they once trailed 7-0, the Blue Jays set the tone for a season that started with high hopes.

By the way, they have rewarded the patience of the first-sold crowd at the Rogers Center for more than three years and won their home opener for the first time since 2011. If Friday’s 10-8 win in any way indicates what’s going to happen, these are the 2022 Blue Jays for a memorable season.

Yet for some time, they have been seen moving towards another disappointing opener.

Making his first start in Toronto after signing a seven-year, $ 131 million contract, Jose Berrios allowed his first-batter to run home, and from there it got worse. The next six hitters also arrived thanks to some of the home team’s sloping defense, and only one out was recorded when Berrios gave way to Bullpen. Just like that, it was 4-0.

When Berrios peaked at 96.5 miles per hour, he made just one swing strike on 34 thrown pitches. His curveball consistently missed his goal, meaning his most important off-speed pitch was essentially neutral.

But the combined efforts of Taylor Sosedo, Trent Thornton, Ross Stripling, Julianne Marioweather, Adam Simber, Emmy Garcia and Jordan Romano keep the Bullpen game of the Blue Jays close. In one night Berrios recorded just one out, the team had to combine for 26 runs.

After a slow start, the offense came up on the board with the fourth ball in three runs. Then, with two outs in the fifth, George Springer started with a walk to the Blue Jays. The singles from Bo Beachet and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. brought Springer home and Hernandez came up on the plate with a chance to tie the game.

With a 1-1 count, catcher Mitch Garver called for a fastball up and away, and reliever Josh Saberz hit the glove with a 98 mph fastball. Even in the big leagues, the Heaters are unlikely to be able to do much with it. But Hernandez fell behind, swung hard and sent the green fastball flying to the opposite field for a three-run home run. Unresolved game.

After two innings, Hernandez will be back in the game again. Bo Bichet was dropped from the team after Corey Cigar reached a fielding error, but Hernandez was walking to bring Lord’s Guerrilla Jr. to the plate. Guerrilla Jr. lined up a ball below the left-field line, sending Hernandez around the third when the Rangers took the ball home. Hernandez was initially ruled out, but the play was reversed in the replay review, leading Blue Jess to the good.

Danny Janssen will then homer to give the Blue Jays an insurance run before closing the team’s first win of the Romano season.

Clearly, there is plenty of work left for the Blue Jays, who start their year with 10 games in a row and 30 competitions in the first 31 days of the season. Starting the season with a worn-out bullpen is less than ideal, and somehow – it’s still too early to get on an emotional roller coaster.

But a 1-0 start must defeat the option and a win in dramatic fashion will only strengthen the team’s self-confidence. To borrow the analogy of Guerrero Jr., if this year is a movie, it’s off to an interesting start.

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