Sting Factor: Neo Avery has renewed his commitment to Penn State

When a major program loses a core assignment, analyzes from the local and national level to see how big of a push it is for the respective school. To measure the “sting” of each decree, we assign a score from one to 10, which is not a big deal and 10 is a catastrophic hit.


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The beginning of the story

On New Year’s Eve, when Neo Avery committed to Penn State, he said that it was going to be the best place for him, the best fit, that he was attracted to Nitani Singh.

It was a big pickup because Olney (Md.) Good Counsel’s 6-foot-5, 231-pound prospects are versatile, can play on both sides of the field and feel like a plug-and-play guy that can do a lot for a program. .

But in the months following his promise, Avery became curious about what visits and other programs could offer, and as a result, his commitment to the Nitani Lions has waned in recent days.

With more than 20 offers, including Georgia, Miami, Notre Dame, Ohio State and many other top-shelf programs, Avery is certainly a high-potential prospect in the Mid-Atlantic.

His loss hit Penn State, which could have used him all over the field, but the Nitani Lions are also doing well at the start of this recruitment cycle now with four four-star promises, including seven.


Local response

“Losing a promise at any time is no less than a norm, but if it does happen, it can happen at the beginning of the cycle. It is a positive thing to take away from it. I thought a knee injury earlier this year would hide this gem a bit more for Penn State staff, but in the end many suitors are going to find athletes with its raw potential.

“It stings because of Avery’s long-term reversal, because there are only so many people with its size, speed and quick twitch. Not outside of Penn State. Cards have been piled up a bit against what is happening. ” – Eric Lamars,

Sting factor: 7

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National response

“Avery is a rare player because he can play in different positions on either side of the ball, so it hurts to lose, but it can be corrected and it is still early enough that many talented players will be on the board. .

“The Nitani Lions have momentum with the other top-end players, and keeping Avery was a priority. There are still a lot of options on the table. It’s time to dump her. ” – Adam Gorny, National Recruitment Director for Rivals

Sting factor: 5

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