Southeast 2023 is proving to be a hot spot for the best security

Southeastern states lead the rest of the country in terms of security by 2023 – in quantity and quality. Numbers that come back: Four of the top five defenses are Alabama and Georgia. Add in the state of Florida and the numbers will become even more impressive.


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Before we look at the top five security in the Southeast, we must acknowledge that the talent in the area is particularly deep, including four-stars Michael Dogarty, Jaden Robinson and Robert Billings, King Mack and Jaden Davis. .

Daugherty has been heavily targeted, and there are over 40 offers Grayson (Ga.) Likely had a heavy SEC trend late, with inspections at LSU and Auburn. Robinson Thamper, a middleman at Columbia High School in Lake City (Fla.). Recent inspections have been conducted in the states of Louisville, Florida and Florida.

Top five security in Alabama, Georgia and Florida

One of the top 25 players in the 2023 class, Caleb Downs is in that area of ​​a five-star prospect. Georgia instills fear in the players, Downs is fast and physical, and he can play against both passes and runs. The stat columns against the 7A team speak volume, with five stops with 77 stops (57 singles) and 11 passes.

Wherever the ball is, the downs are there. His physicality, mixed with film studies and his propensity to play, set him apart from others. March tours have been to Florida, Florida State, Georgia and Clemson. Downs can punch his ticket to any event in the country.


Sylvester Smith enters Alabama’s Munford High School medium with a missile, entering the rivals’ latest position rankings as the third-best safety in his class. A two-way player for the Lions, Smith excels as a sideline-to-sideline player on defense. Smith is close to 30 offers from Jackson State and LSU.


Dakari Nelson brings a different level of athleticism to the game when he is on the field. Bigger and faster, Nelson could cover deeper and mix it in the box. With eight picks registered in 2021, he has a nose for the ball and a feeling for the game. With his athletic ability he could be the next level of safety or an outside linebacker / rover.

Nelson has the top 11 states in Tennessee, Auburn, Arkansas, Clemson, Oklahoma, Penn State, UCF, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Oregon and Florida.


Seeing a security with the size of the Terrence gain is frightening for both the running back and the receiver, but especially the receiver. For Langston Hughes (Ga.) There was a tone setter against the 6A Georgia offense, including field walks, 58 stops and three picks.

Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri and Minnesota are among the latest offers for love, bringing him to 38.


American Heritage (Fla.) Is really loaded with next level superstars, and Damon Fagan is one of them. The rival has a 250-chance 30-offer milestone and he has received an offer from Michigan even after announcing his top eight.

The list includes Miami, NC State, Penn State, Ohio State, Georgia, Florida State, LSU and UCF.

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