Rival Camp Series: All-RCS team midway through the schedule

We are half way through the rival camp series with book stops in Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte and New Orleans. The All-RCS team is here in the middle of the camp schedule.


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Quarterback: Niko Imaleva

Long Beach (Calif.) Polly Five-Star quarterback and Tennessee Los Angeles rival camp date was random, so he ran, but it didn’t affect his performance at all. Imleva has shown her skill – as she has done in every event – because of her great size and an amazing arm.

He had excellent precision that day and a charisma that the receiver also liked. Five-Star is smooth, capable and not only wants to perform at the highest level, it is also fun to do. Everything in his game looks very normal.


Running back: Roderick Robinson, Dylan Smuders

Undoubtedly the best run in the series so far is Charlotte’s Smuders. He dominated one after another and some of the top receivers in the country have the skill to catch passes. Nicknamed “Hollywood”, Smaddars said he lit up most when the lights went on, and he was not only influential in one session after another but also in blocking linebackers to show off his physical prowess.

Robinson is a big back at 6-foot-1 and 229 pounds, but San Diego Lincoln showed speed in the end and passing game during the Los Angeles camp standout. His bread and butter will block the ball in the tackle, but at the rival camp he has shown versatility in his game.


Wide receiver: Zakaria Branch, Dindre Moore

The branch is so moving and elusive with the ball in its hand across all its routes and then it is almost inappropriate to ask a cornerback of an island to stay with it during one route after another. The USC is too shaky and fast to hold on to promise and he is stronger than one might expect, so the angles in the line cannot be physical with him.

After watching more tapes from the Los Angeles stop, it is clear that Moore had a wonderful day and he deserves praise. After recovering from an annoying injury in his junior season, Moore is highly competitive, making extra explosions when needed and then catching everything he throws. USC, Louisville and others have been most interested in him.


Offensive line: Jamal Franklin, Cum Pringle, Payton Kirkland, Eugene Brooks, Wilkin Formby

The biggest surprise of the offensive line group was Franklin, who weighed 379 pounds but was running so well, dominating one by one and using his size, athleticism and physical nature to turn it into an outstanding performance. Texas Tech is the only Power Five school that has offered Franklin so far and it is incredible because he is a really talented football player.

After seeing her for the last time in the summer, Pringle looked a year older and more physically mature at the Charlotte stop and had a great day. Kirkland was at the top in Miami. Brooks is also huge, but he moved so well during one run after another that he was the best lineman in Los Angeles. Formby continues to be a standout left tackle that is so big and powerful that the entire SEC, among other programs, is now following him.


Defensive line: Jakim Stewart, Jamal Jarrett, Javier McLeod, Dylan Stephenson

It’s hard to believe that Stuart, who has not yet started high school, could be the best overall defensive lineman in the starting lineup. He was big, strong, technically strong and he was irresistible in New Orleans. But it will be an intimate race, because Jarrett has developed a lot over the last year and he’s just a strong force in the middle.

The same goes for McLeod, who was a little more athletic but a little less powerful than Jarrett at the Charlotte event. Stephenson was Miami’s top defensive lineman and his length is excellent.


Linebackers: Ben Cutter, Geral Blue Jr., Jordan Lockhart

A difficult position to evaluate in the linebacker camp circuit because a lot of physicality is taken away without pads on and we are telling them to come down and run around a lot instead of playing near the scrimmage line. It’s just offseason nature for linebackers.

But Cutter was fascinated by Charlotte, best at Blue Miami, and Lockhart looked good in Los Angeles. They played in space, they were tough against running behind blocking drills and they usually stood at those events.


Defensive backs: Wardel Mack, Antonio Kotman Jr., Bryan Williams, Fred Gaskin

The first four stops of the rival camp have a bunch of standout defensive backs, but these four stand out the most. Mack had several obstacles during the New Orleans camp and has a great build. Cotman Charlotte was excellent at using his length and speed to his advantage.

Then, in Miami, Williams and Gaskin gained recognition. Gaskin was particularly explosive, physical and the ball was well-timed – and only made camp because his flight to a 7on7 tournament was canceled. Williams Lakeland (Fla.) Learned from some of Lake Gibson’s most talented players, and later in school as a defensive back playmaker who read the games very well.

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