RCS New Orleans: Analysts’ Promise Predictions

Destrehan, La. – The fourth stop of the rival camp series is in the book and there were many top limitless possibilities.

Today, the rival national recruitment director Adam Gorny And National Recruitment Analyst Clint Cosgrove And Nick Harris Address the five players joining the camp and predict where the possibilities may end.


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The feeling I got here is the team that lost to Baylor. Fobbs- White in a perfect fit Dave ArndaIts defense and WACO staff prioritized him during his recruitment. The Oklahoma State Recruitment effort has also made the Cowboys a contender, and I hope many new teams will make a run at Fobbs-White as we also end up on Signing Day. But, unless things change radically in the coming months, Baylor is my choice. – Cosgrove

This is hard to find because new schools are getting involved and other programs must be combined with more exposure this offseason because Fobbs-White is a very talented and versatile prospect. Baylor is on edge at the moment because Aronda and her staff have given Monroe (La.) Neville a big priority, but Mississippi State, Louisiana Tech and others are also seriously involved. – Gorny

Baylor has quietly pulled some talent from the state of Louisiana in recent classes Matt RuleIts time in Waco, and Forbes-White could be the next line for travel west of Central Texas. His relationship with Arandar is strong, and the pitch makes him their top competitor for being an outside linebacker with multiple roles in defense against the Bears. The only way to see the Bears run in the competition is if he gets a bigger offer as the off-season goes on. – Harris


I can’t imagine finishing Formby at any school other than Alabama. Although I’m sure many top teams are interested in hiring him, any kid from Tuscaloosa who is lucky enough to get a promising offer from Alabama is going to finish the game at Crimson Tide. LSU, Auburn, and Ole Miss are all schools that would have shot at Formby if he weren’t from “T-Town”, but the temptation to stay home to play. Nick Soap-Trained teams who compete for a national championship on an annual basis are undefeated. – Cosgrove

Formby toured throughout the southeast and personally watched almost all of the top programs. Many have had a significant impact on his recruitment and the four-star offensive tackle has played it great throughout the entire recruitment process as he has found the best fit. Last weekend, Formby visited and received offers from LSU. Florida, Auburn and others are involved. But it would be a big surprise to me if Tuscaloosa (Ala.) Northridge Prospect just couldn’t go down the street and play for Alabama. She has offers, Alabama wants her in class and it makes a lot of money. – Gorny

It’s not uncommon for soap to miss a high-end appointment in its backyard, and Formby fits that description. One of the more influential players we’ve seen in New Orleans this past weekend, Fombie has his eye on almost every major program in the country, but it will eventually come down to an SEC battle that I don’t see Crimson Tide losing. . While Auburn, Florida and LSU will build their respective pitches, each of those schools will have to go through some recent changes or recent developments in the coaching department. – Harris


Brock Glenn

Brock Glenn (rival)

The states of Mississippi, Missouri and Oklahoma clearly lead Glenn’s recruitment pack, and you can make a tough case for his landing at any one of these three schools. He would love the opportunity to throw the ball in almost every game Mike LeachIts offense, and the quarterback-friendly system in Missouri is also interesting to him. However, Oklahoma State and Glenn believed he could compete for a national championship. Mike Gundy It seemed to him the most excited when he discussed his appointment on Sunday. Glenn has an upcoming trip to Steelwater, and as long as everything is OK, I believe he will eventually find a cowboy. – Cosgrove

Oklahoma State, Mississippi State and Missouri have emerged for the top three Glenn, who was outstanding at the rival camp in New Orleans, but I’m leaning towards the Bulldogs here. Numerous times, Glenn has spoken louder and louder about the state of Mississippi leaching and throwing, and it was certainly a big deal when he unveiled that proposal. Things seem to be moving in that direction. The state of Oklahoma and Missouri have remained seriously in the running, but I have given the state of Mississippi a good edge. – Gorny

Oklahoma State’s success in the 2021 season has paid dividends on the way to recruitment and it shows just how confident Glenn is in the future at Steelwater. If Gundi and his staff continue to make him feel like a priority going forward, Tennessee Native could be a cowboy at the next level. Mississippi State differs from Leach’s offensive system, but it’s clear that Joy is a big part of Glenn’s recruitment, and in his view the state of Oklahoma is the place to do it. – Harris


Caleb Jackson

Caleb Jackson (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Jackson’s recruitment may go in different directions, but there was a feeling around the camp that Texas A&M is the school and staff with which he is most attached. Then you have an Oregon staffer who prefers Jackson and seems to be looking for a big back to pound the rock under their new defensive-minded head coach. Michigan is in the game, too, and the use of Hassan Huskins last season has shown what his offense is capable of with a big back like Jackson. At the same time, it’s hard to imagine a Baton Rouge high-caliber player not staying home to play for LSU. This appointment is a long way off, and it’s hard for me to call right now, but I’ll go out on a limb and say Jackson will end up in Oregon. – Cosgrove

Texas has made the top 10 for A&M, Georgia, Michigan, Florida State, Oklahoma State, LSU, Oregon, Alabama, Tennessee and Baylor Jackson which he released on Monday, but the actual contestants will probably make a short list. Aggies should definitely be seen here because they are showing him a lot of attention and Jackson has noticed. Oregon is another one that could emerge as a true pioneer, especially since Dan Lanning And his staff. Michigan is also mentioned, but now the Wolverines have two backs in the class. And then there’s LSU. Jackson is just down the road and likes LSU a lot, but the high four-star probably needs to feel a little more loved. – Gorny

With boys like Reuben Owens, Trey Weisner and recent visitors Cedric Baxter Jr., it’s a big question mark for how fluid the running back board of Texas A&M is at the moment. What if you mean taking two running backs in this cycle? Jimbo Fisher? Of course, and Jackson would be a great complement to any one of the aforementioned three backs. However, if the Aggies decide to keep him in the bay, watch Oregon jump in as Eugene’s future tour could move things regardless of the four stars. – Harris


Mack was fascinated all day at our New Orleans camp, but his 1-on-1 performance was where he really excelled and proved to be the best in a loaded defensive back group. When I think of the big DBs who can play Man Coverage, I immediately think of the way LSU has used big DBs like Derek Stingley and Grant Delpit in recent years. Mack hails from Louisiana, he comes from a family of LSU fans and he fits into the mold of an LSU defensive back. His recruitment has just begun, so it’s a long way from a completed contract, but when it comes time to sign up for the 2024 class, I’m choosing LSU as his landing spot. – Cosgrove

When LSU proposed in early March, Mack’s appointment could start a path that could lead to a commitment to the Tigers. Alabama is involved and can’t be discounted and so does Mississippi State and Tulane, but Marrero (La.) John Ehret’s 2024 cornerback really likes new LSU staff. It was his dream school and it would be a surprise at the moment if he didn’t play Mac Baton Rouge. – Gorny

Although this is early in Mac’s hiring, an in-state offer from LSU will always stand up to the potential of Louisiana. Add to that the fact Brian Kelly And it will take a whole year for his staff to show what the future holds for Baton Rouge and I think success could find its way to the Tigers on the way to recruitment in the 2024 class. The Mac projects could be one of the top defensive backs in the region in its class, so hopefully it will still be a tough competition with teams like Alabama and Mississippi State already at the start of the game. – Harris


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