NHL teams don’t care about your fantasy roster

Attract Fantasy Owners: Beware of Extended Load Management.

Simply put, NHL teams don’t care about your fantasy roster. And considering the time of year, this can be a significant mistake for those of you who have serious championship aspirations.

Just last week, David Pasternak, Leon Drysittle and Sidney Crosby, among others, unexpectedly missed game action due to injuries. As with most seasons, from minor injuries to rest, who knows, navigating through the last few weeks of a fantasy season will always seem like an adventure. It certainly doesn’t help to be limited to relevant information, that’s for sure. We need more transparency!

At this point, do it. That said, if you own marquee players on a play-off-bound team, just remember. With less than a month to go before the Stanley Cup playoffs begin, many squads are starting to focus on preparing ahead. With great planning of things, it makes a lot of money, it is unfortunate when you are trying to win a fantasy championship.

Needless to say but be extremely aware of this the next time you make a list for the Sportsnet Fantasy Hockey Pool. You have been warned.

Now your question:

Ouch. You hate to see something that derails someone’s season. Let’s hope no player gets out too long; Beyond the fingers.

Undoubtedly. It is expected that a lot of people will jump into Flemish’s future value at the beginning of this season. Going into the year, Calgary was usually cast as an afterthought. To their full credit they have fooled us all. I’ll tell you what, I don’t want that team to play in the playoffs. Their first-round opponent must be ready, or it could be a quick screen for them.

Of the four players mentioned, I’d be inclined to keep Jacob Vrona just because of Detroit’s four-game slate. For its price, Chicago, Dallas and Washington are scheduled to play three times.

In addition, just like you, I also like Montreal and Winnipeg next week, at least from a schedule manipulation perspective. From Canadians, Cole Cofield, Brendon Gallagher, Mike Hoffman, Rem Pitlik and Chris Wideman should all be on your radar. Additionally, it looks like Kerry Price is getting very close to appearing in a game, so it might be time to shake it up.

To be fair, Winnipeg doesn’t have much value these days. At this stage, most of their fantasy pieces are very well owned. You can pick up a flyer over Paul Stastney and Neil Pink, but I’ll keep your expectations high.

Sadly, I have no idea. I want more information for you.

About a month ago, the jackets categorized it as a week-to-week, but the lack of updates is too much to say – at least for me. The clock is ticking this regular season, and right now, if you’re Columbus, why not stop him the rest of the way? Boone Jenner was a delightful surprise in a fantasy scene this season, all of which is unfortunate.

Since conventional wisdom suggests that Leafs would be smarter with Jack Campbell’s extended use, I think the simple decision here is to go with Villa Huso. On top of that, he’s somehow overtaking Campbell in a landslide.

Since Jan. 1, Huso has averaged 2.34 goals in 18-4-4, a .945 save percent and a shutout. When healthy, Campbell was nowhere near him, although he was much more effective since returning from his rib injury. Also, the Blues still have a long way to go in terms of playoff positioning. Take this.

All things considered, yes, I do. Honestly, the only thing I don’t like is that Vegas has a league-low of 10 games left. Down the road, this can create a big time problem for your aspiration to win a fantasy title. Other than that, Shia Theodore has been producing a lot better lately, so I’m definitely behind him.

No question about it, I’ll do it with a heartbeat.

Honestly, it’s confusing – Atwar Josh Norris continues to be one of Hockey’s best secrets. The 22-year-old scored 31 goals and 46 points in 54 games – unrealistic, didn’t he? Meanwhile, Patrick Lane was great in the second half, but injuries in recent games have certainly fallen under the Blue Jackets. They dropped eight out of 10 and landed on the last line of this reconstruction campaign.

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