News and notes, as NHLPA, agents are combined

Quick blog for Wednesday night:

Last week was the first private GM meeting in two years; In Toronto on Wednesday, the NHLPA held its first private meeting with three agents. Don’t think that there was anything incredibly groundbreaking, but among the issues, the executive director Donald Fehr was asked by the media:

He will not reveal anything about the legacy plan, saying it will only be discussed with the players. Fehr will turn 64 in July, when the summer meeting will take place. Hopefully he will present something at that time, but nothing specific (although, again, he will not discuss it with us). Although there is no formal “end” to Fehr’s contract, the executive board, comprising player representatives from 32 teams, could vote for a change of leadership. We’ll see where things go in the next few months

র Fehr said an independent investigation by an outside council would be completed “in the near future” after reviewing the NHLPA’s response to Kyle Beach. A statement issued last October acknowledged that the union “should have done more to protect the beach.” Asked if the report would be released, he said it would depend on the executive board.

• He is confident that the relocation of the Coyotes to the 5,000-seat arena in Arizona State will protect players against any revenue loss, saying the NHLPA is discussing the matter with the NHL. The CBA limits what the union can do about the move, but there are agents / staff who have made it clear they want a tougher pushback.

NHL Commissioner Gary Batman predicts that players will be able to repay their escrow debts in full by the end of the 2023-24 season. “If you bet me,” Fehr said, “I’d say it’s a reasonable bet.” This will create a pay cup jump for 2024-25.

• NHL and NHLPA are in talks to file a no-trade list with the Central Registry and we will probably get more clarity about the possibility of 2024 World Cup in summer.

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