Mikheyev, the best long-term pickup in Calgren?

Austin Mathews is good at hockey.

There’s no April Fool’s joke here, that’s for sure.

On Thursday night, the 24-year-old dropped an empty net to secure his first career 50-goal campaign. In short, Matthews has emerged as the deadliest sniper of the game, unquestionably predicting his NHL debut when he scored four goals against the Ottawa Senators.

Even with that ridiculous number, believe it or not, Matthews didn’t score the most goals in the NHL in March. The honor went to Kirill Kaprizov of Minnesota, who is in perfect hit right now.

Top NHL goal-scorer in March.

Obviously, this information should be used to your advantage the next time you make a list for SportSnet Fantasy Hockey Pool. Needless to say, there is a lot of value to be uncovered in this moment. Hot hand ride!

Now your question:

Depending on your league settings, I’ll make that game heartbeat. While healthy, Price has repeatedly proved that he is still one of the league’s elite goal scorers. His resume speaks for itself, and so did last season’s playoff run. He turned off the light.

With firmly new management, it would not be surprising to see Montreal at least measure the price trade market this summer. But first, she has to play some games and show potential suitors that she is healthy. And that’s why lately there seems to be a commitment from both sides to at least try and make it happen. But the clock is ticking.

Better to go to Vegas with Robin Lehner, it looks like you will have a safe bet soon. Staying healthy, Lehner will see most of the Golden Knights work pressure as they continue their ups and downs battle to solidify the playoff spot. From day 1, Thompson has always been a stop-gap guy where both Lehner and backup Laurent Bros. were. She did her job. At the end of the story.

For Quick, he will get a lot of work in April, especially because of his resume and track record in the big games. In general, Kings has been a great story in the second half. Aside from an epic fall, I think they have great shots in making the playoffs.

If you are in the non-keeper league, I will drop him without hesitation. Quite frankly, not much has changed since the initial forecast. On Wednesday, the Panthers revealed that while Ecblad continued to make progress in recovering from injuries to the lower body, he still could not resume skating. Although a schedule has never been officially announced, I would say a post-season return is a more reasonable expectation, especially considering that there are now only 29 days left in the regular season. No need to rush him.

Give me Kiru.

First, out of the three players mentioned, March was his best month with 13 points from 13 games. Apart from that and perhaps most importantly, I like St. Louis’ schedule the rest of the way. They tend to play a lot on quiet nights (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday), which is great for scheduling manipulation. You know I love that.

Good question.

Despite Mikheyev’s recent hot play and current line-up, I’ll still be on Calgren’s side. With Petr Mrazek set to finish for the regular season, it looks like Rocky Netminder will stick with Maple Leaf for the foreseeable future. And he has achieved it.

It would be in Toronto’s best interest to be careful in its use and use, even if Jack Campbell is close to a correction and a possible return. Looking ahead to April, starting with Saturday night’s game in Philadelphia, the Leafs will play 15 times in 28 days. At the moment, I think it’s safe to assume that Calgren could see five or six of those starts – but of course Campbell could be healthy. Also note that Toronto has two back-to-back sets left in their schedule.

For Mikheyev, long-term, especially in the playoffs, he is scheduled for a third-line checking role. The way I see it, the recent promotion on the second line was more about sending a message to William Nylander, who has really been struggling for the past month. Perhaps Thursday night was some start for him.

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