Michigan and Ohio State 2024 rivals hosted 100 all Landen Thomas

Being one of the best in your position at High School Gridiron has a way of bringing the next level of scouts. At Moultrie’s (Ga.) Colquitt County High School, a smiling college instructor is ideal for walking around the halls. And it’s normal for those guys to stop to find out about 2024 4-star Tight and Landen Thomas.

With interest building between Clemson and Oklahoma the 26th stock race has rolled out offers for a second-rate tight finish. For those who have already made the offer, it’s time to build an on-campus relationship that takes Georgia, Ohio State and Michigan Pack forward.

“I visited Georgia again this month, and I was in Ohio State on Wednesday and Thursday, and then went to Michigan from Thursday to Saturday,” Thomas said.

The time in Athens was to learn about football the way Georgia does in their day to day activities.

“It was a good tour,” Landen said. “I have to sit in the meeting room. I got to see how they worked as a team, watched the film and saw what it was like to be a player in Georgia. I spoke with Coach (Todd) Hartley (TE). They are using lots of 13-staff. We talked about football. ”

Buckeyes gave Thomas a similarly profound look to their program.

“It was a good tour,” Thomas said. “I have to do what I did in Georgia. I would sit in the meeting room and watch them practice. Ohio State practices like our high school team, they do 7v7 and teamwork. ”

Thomas shares his thoughts on getting an internal scoop on Ohio State crime.

“I like their offense,” Thomas said. “They were using Tight End; He got the ball. I like the way they commit their crimes. “

Tight end coach Kevin Wilson spent time coaching Thomas while in Columbus.

“I’ve talked to most of the coaches while I’ve been there,” Thomas said. “With coach Wilson, we were talking about their players. He was showing me their players and their movies.

The Wolverines’ coaching staff showed up at Ann Arbor.

“I loved Michigan, I’m not going to lie,” Thomas shared. “It was good. I met Denard Robinson and Chris Bryant; I spent a lot of time with them.”

Asked what he liked about Michigan, Thomas replied, “I felt like they showed me a different kind of love. It felt so different in Michigan. Hanging out with the two of them, we weren’t even talking about football. We’re after football and how Michigan is.” I was talking about what can help.

Thomas also liked the style of crime conducted under head coach Jim Harbaugh.

“I like their crime,” Thomas said. “They use a lot of 12-staff. I can see it in their practice and in the movies. They use their hard edges in passing games. I see myself in their guilt. ”

Thomas may be out for two more tours.

“I’m trying to get one in Arkansas,” Thomas said. “I went to FSU on April 2, but I have to take ACT. I’m not sure if I can do it. ”

When asked about his relationship with Razorback, Thomas replied, “It’s a good relationship. I often talk to Coach (Dowell) Loggains (TE). We talk about football and life. I definitely want to get up there.” I want to. ”

Thomas also shared his draw to return to Tallahassee.

“We have a good relationship,” Thomas said. “I’m looking forward to getting there soon. I like being down there. ”

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