Michael Misa shows star potential in the OHL Cup

The best U16 team from across Ontario had the opportunity to participate in the OHL Cup. An amazing event that gives the scouts a glimpse into the future. There were a few NHL teams in attendance, but if I run a scouting staff, the event would be fully covered, such as the WHL and QMJHL Cups. I’m just starting a book on a player at this age because I think you can never have too much information and it’s cost-effective in terms of a position, make it a no-brainer for any NHL team.

McDavid 2.0?

This year, the Scouts will see a number of future NHL picks. Let’s start with the champion Mississauga senators. The youngest Michael Misa, who will not qualify until 2025, led the tournament with 21 points. Breaking Connor McDavid’s tournament record, Misao also became the first player to record a hat-trick in the final. His brother Luke plays for the Mississauga Steelheads, who were ranked 9th overall in the 2021 OHL Priority election.

Misa, one of three players who applied for exceptional status to enter the OHL early. Fellow William Moore and Ryan Rurbrooke of London. Expect an official announcement before the April 29, 2022 OHL priority election date.

Consistently in The Hague

Another impressive player in the final was JRC center Michael Hedge. He tied for the tournament lead with a shot (31) and won more than 53 percent of his faceoffs. The Hague had at least one point in each of the seven games and led the JRC with a total of 16 points.

Some others

Some other names to consider for the future are the trio of Ben Danford, Braden Rogers and Ethan Thomas. Marlins defender Sam Dickinson and forward Beckett Senke.

Stew knew

Us Anthony Stewart Mississauga warned me about Malcolm Spence, who was on each of the first three senators’ goals. He was not wrong. Spence skates well, shoots well and is projected as the top-five pick of the OHL priority selection. Spence was named GTHL Player of the Year and was named to the All-Tournament Team.


Toronto junior super fascinated with Canadian defender Anthony Christophoro. He has played a number of quiet, effective, clean defensive games, scoring one of JRC’s two goals in the final. The third one extended time, it seemed he could not get off the ice. He was also named in the All-Tournament team.

Acceptance of JB

In a casual discussion with Jason Bucala, owner and colleague of The Pro Hockey Group, he provided some interesting NHL draft information. Here’s a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it is used.


First overall 369 295

5th 254 125

10th 189 81

15 E 189 84

20 e 1908 78

25th 91 75

30th 164 75

Niagara Falls

Rumors of a new owner in Niagara have been circulating since the Icedogs minority owner / GM / head coach Joey and Billy Burke went under investigation. With the investigation over and both brothers now out of the league at least until 2024, who will run the Isdogs draft? Will the accused new owner (s) have a say, or will the current Niagara Scout staff be given the reign?

Maya is higher

With just two games left, you have to pull the blades for netminder Nolan Meyer. Mayer set a WHL record for her career win in the 20th save, 4-0 shutout on her 120th Tuesday night at Medicine Hat. Blade has two home games left, against arch-rivals Prince Albert on Friday and Brandon on Friday, April 15. Mayer has spent all five years of his WHL career in Saskatoon and is without an NHL contract. The Blades are 4-5 against Prince Albert and 3-3-3 against Brandon this season.

Rare wind

Lucas Edmonds remains an interesting study for the 2022 NHL draft. It’s rare to find an overly old Rocky, especially one that puts up 100 points. The Kingston freshman spent the last five years of his short hockey career in Sweden before finally moving to OHL. Edmonds was selected in the 7th round of the 2017 OHL Priority Selection.

Noah’s Ark

Another rarity of the game is a player signing out of USports. It happens, but not as regularly as it should. Edmonton Oilers have announced the signing of Alberta Golden Bear forward Noah Phillippe. Philip is the younger brother of Calgary Flame Prospect and Stockton Heat Center Luke. The 23-year-old center has spent the last three seasons with the University of Alberta Golden Bears, but due to the epidemic, has played less than 50 games across that stretch.

Combine on-track

NHL Scouts are concerned about the return of the NHL Draft Combine, which is being held in Buffalo from May 29 to June 4. There will be some challenges as each CHL league will still play, but the epidemic will speak for itself again. The information gathered through the physical examination and the interview process is a key part of the draft which still has some uncertainties.

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