Matthews scored a hat-trick in Viv’s single-season Maple Leafs record

TAMPA – Austin Mathews would like to stay in the Rick Viv Building if he breaks his record.

Okay, he might have to catch a last-minute flight to Florida because at the rate he’s turning, the torch won’t wait until the end of this road trip.

“Definitely impressive, but I’m not going down the street,” Vive texted. “I’ll see him when they come back.”

Matthews ripped off No. 52, tipped No. 53 and scooped up No. 54 on Monday, striking the Tampa Bay Lightning to give the Toronto Maple Leafs a 6-2 victory.

It’s raining cats and dogs …

He is now tied to Viv and has another need for writing history.

Sniper has scored 6 goals in a row in the last 48 matches and a ridiculous 47 goals.

Lightning coach John Cooper said: “When you have his arsenal of weapons and the way he’s shot, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did 70 at some point in his career.

Matthews’ own coach, Sheldon Keefe, believes that a number that seems seemingly objectionable is within the realm of possibility.

“I don’t think you can ever put any restrictions on someone like him, the power he has and the drive he has,” Kif said.

“It’s very rare, obviously, to reach them [numbers]Especially in this age. But there is no limit to what anyone like him can do, because he is very driven and very talented and he seems to be getting better. “

So is the team around him.

To beat the Lightning on their own ice, Maple Leafs extended their winning streak to five, a run that shows a believable performance against each of their three best Atlantic Division opponents.

A freshman Jack Campbell surpasses Andrei Vasilevsky, Mitch Marner extends his Polygon Streak up to six games, and continued to make valuable secondary contributions (tonight from Alexander Kerfut and Pierre Engel).

It’s a thing to witness a historic personal performance; It’s another to see jogging together with a team finding its best form.

“It’s the biggest thing,” Keefe said. “We’ve won a lot of games, and he’s contributed in many different ways.

“She is OK. She is tracking. He is making turnover. He is doing all sorts of things that lead to goals and give himself a chance to score. He does this in a variety of ways that contribute to victory.

“Not just goals – but wins.”

Fox Fast 5

নভেম্বর Since November 24, Pierre Engval has scored more equal-strength goals (10) than John Tavares or William Nylander (nine each), SN Status notes.

বান Michael Bunting has drawn 40 penalties this season. Only Pierre-Luke Dubois (46) and Connor McDavid (44) gave more whistles.

Last page to draw 40? Nazem Qadri, who has completed the feat three times and holds the record for most unofficial franchises to draw the most penalties in 2015-16.

Nice to see Mark Giordano go to Corey Perry to push Jack Campbell’s glove. We’ve seen others give things like that slide.

William Nylander missed the game due to illness. Jason Spezza has served a second scratch in a row.

And Jack Muzin is “likely” to return to Florida on Tuesday. The defender has not played since his second injury of the year on 21 February.

• A funny little backstory about Timothy Lilzegren’s goal in Philadelphia on Saturday. The defenseman revealed that he intentionally missed his point shot that hit Carter Hart’s foot after hitting the end-boards.

“It’s probably the ugliest goal I’ve ever scored, but I’ll take as many goals as I can,” Lilzegren smiled.

“I tried to find an alley in the net, and someone on the bench shouted: ‘The wall is over!’ So that’s what I did. I don’t know who, but they should help. “

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