Maple Leafs goes flyer vs. flyer again but the momentum explodes

Philadelphia – They can’t all be classics.

Toronto Maple Leafs in Philadelphia broke an emotional wave. In an electric week they slam into a pair of departmental enemies (Boston and Florida) in a convincing fashion, then beat up super-sniper Austin Matthews on home ice and fix their revenge on Winnipeg jets.

Knowing that their first measuring-stick trip to Florida was right around the corner, would it be possible for them to attack the lower flyers with the same force?

Coach Sheldon Keefe admits: “It’s not good for us in a game like this, against an opponent like that.” [because] The opponent plays well.

“We hope they play a good game with a lot of energy, and our boys have to go and be prepared to do what we’ve done in recent games.”

Keefe tried to draw Nick Abruzzi’s debut for Jack Campbell’s comeback and inspiration, but his players were flat out against another lottery-bound opponent.

But the Maple Leafs needed to be a little lucky before they could get better, winning 6-3 and going out of town with two more points in the vault.

After the first period of no-goal, low-energy, Kevin Hayes popped the door and started scoring in period 2.

Toronto needed 69 seconds to get back into a game that had no business leadership.

Former flyer Wayne Symonds took a nice stretched pass from TJ Brady and beat Carter Hart in an isolated goal, snaping a 32-game goal drought.

Defender Timothy Lilzegren then fired a point wide shot that recouped the last boards and clicked on the back of Hart’s foot as Golki tried to get to his post. Yes.

Ivan Provorov pushes from the slot to tie the contest.

With Maple Leafs pushing harder in the third period and Hart shaking his net, Aston Mathews regained the lead with his 51st goal.

Pierre Engval held a shorthand 2-on-1 and could give Maple Leafs 12 league-leading shorts of the season.

Provorov hit again to close the gap, but Morgan responded on behalf of Riley Leafs.

John Tavares also stormed the party, beating Hart and freeing Rush.

An explosive four-round frame that reinforces the idea that the leaves can withstand an explosion of brightness and must not be turned into a full 60 to be scouted by a weak team.

The road trip to Maple Leafs is now heading south to Tampa Bay, where there is a 100 percent chance of better hockey being predicted.

Fox’s Fast Five

• Philly reprimanded the linemen for blowing up the faithful Wayne Symonds-Jack McWayne before starting the scrap. Don’t they know which city they are in? (The warriors will fight them later, and the crowd roars.)

• Maple Leafs struggled to gain momentum for the first 30 minutes, turning into a complete blender with its top nine in Kif Period 2. Ilya Mikheyev-John Tavares-Mitch Marner interesting look.

For the first time, we’ve been told, in four and a half years, 76 people played a matinee on the same day as a flyers night game. (Apparently, former coach Alain Vignolt was a fan of slots during the day.)

As a result, the Leafs were removed from their routine and denied access to the Wells Fargo Center for their morning skates and meetings.

“A little weird day for us,” Keefe said. “We spent time at the hotel today, making it a different routine for our boys – which is sometimes a good thing.”

টি Another Rare Scene: Double Rookie Lapse. A pair of Toronto-based Nick Abruzges and Philadelphia Ronnie Atard, NCAA recruits made their NHL debut on Saturday.

Admitting to Nerve, Abruzzi saw his parents and sister see his dream come true. “It’s not completely submerged yet,” Abruzzi said.

Attard’s debut ended Keith Yandle’s Ironman Streak in Game 989.

• Very Beautiful Scene Pre-Game: An Integrated Wayne Symonds with a Long Fliers Staff at the Wells Fargo Center. The gentleman pulled out his smartphone and found his wife on FaceTime so that Symonds could meet her too.

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