How Elias Lindhome contributed to all of Calgary’s ice crimes

Elias Lindhome has already scored a career-high 38 goals in 71 games this season, up from 29 in 70 games in his previous best 2019-20 season.

It’s easy to focus on his shots from the original The goal Often the most memorable part of a scoring game.

Lindhome has had a lot of success in getting to the slot, from which most of his goals have come.

It helps that he often plays with an MVP-caliber teammate in Johnny Goudreau to set him up. Lindhome’s goal has 25 left-wing assists, including 14 early. And Lindholm’s right is no pushover, either. In 5-on-5, he played almost exclusively with Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk; They are the league’s most consistent forward combination, leading the way with their 830-plus minutes together.

But how will it happen Lindhome Helps set up his teammates?

Slightly slanted towards Lindhome’s scoring goal; His 73 points, 35 assists. Knock on him, compared to his two linemates, that He Its initial points contribute directly to the lowest crime on a percentage basis. Fifteen of these aids are secondary. Nevertheless, the center’s two-way plays often simplify the score sequences, even when he doesn’t appear on the scoresheet, and this makes him a complementary part of the mix.

So let’s take a closer look at how Lindhome contributes to drama score On one side From that shot

Starting back in the defensive zone, Lindhome showed that he is not the only one-dimensional player who goes into a shell in an attempt to exploit his opponent’s potential. Rather, he finds a way to get Pak back so he and his teammates can take it to the top of the ice.

He gained possession in two main ways: Intercept and Pak Recovery. After rebound or after a fight with the board he can recover the loose puck; Lindhome led the Forward Group in a competitive recovery towards its own end.

Or, he may interrupt his opponent’s attempt to move, just as he did when his lone power gained secondary support from the defensive end. Lindhome led the Flemish forwards on a blocked pass in the defensive zone with a score of 6.06 per 60. It highlights the ability of the opponent to read the play center and in this case, how it can help create crime.

In this sequence in particular, it is the least memorable part of the play: Gaudreau’s flip pass and Tyler Toffoli’s score stand out right. But it’s a smart move from Lindhome that has gained traction and helped spread it in the first place.

Lindhome, along with drama for Pak profit, can also help take it to the top of the ice. Flames’ 1C is almost not a transitional star that his winger Gaudreau is one of The Skating the Puck Up the Ice, and Rush is the league’s best offense. But Lindhome can contribute to that with an outlet pass to puck out the defensive edge at a higher rate than most of his forward teammates.

His three first aid in the defensive zone and a couple in the neutral zone led to empty-net goals. At the very least, Lindhome’s use in this situation – defensive zone play (and face-to-face draw) when out-of-the-way – shows confidence from his coaches in the key moments of a lead-protected game.

For the most part, the rest of that neutral zone helps reduce the likelihood of congestion. In the 5-on-5, the Flems are the fifth-best team from inside slot shots and goals. Both Tkachuk and Gaudreau are its main constituents.

Most of Lindhome’s support, surprisingly, comes from the offensive zone. Sometimes these scores come from skillful passing dramas, such as these clutch goals against the Stars.

Other examples include his efforts at Dot and his immediate follow-up score. These plays are important, as there could be a spike in the net shots within those first 10 seconds after the offensive zone draw. It emphasizes a clean face win And Find a way to make that effect faster.

But just like the other end of the ice, how Lindhome can resist his opponent’s puck reception is especially important; That’s something he leads his teammates in three zones in Calgary.

Lindhome can hinder the opponent’s pass attempt as they try to leave their own territory. Or, he can jump on any bobled puck to play hard and stay deep. Take the clip below vs Anaheim: Seeing Lindhome as the goal scorer, there is no earned help here, but She Players to start the sequence.

And even under pressure, Lindhome has the skills to win the Pak war. These dramas, on several occasions, draw defenders to him and buy some space for his teammates to take positions. Once he rescues or digs the puck, he can quickly transfer it to an open winger that he is waiting for in a higher danger area.

A common thread with this competitive spin recovery that leads to the goal is how many times it happens behind the net. That even More The advantage is that it usually brings multiple opponents to the bottom of the last line to increase their chances of taking possession – take the three sharks drawn before the scoring game below. If If this skater fails and Lindhome can pass quickly, the defenders will probably not be able to come back to stop the shot effort.

Adding another wrinkle is the goaltender reading pass challenge that comes from behind the net – which looks like the one above where Lindhome has a few assists this season. Passes coming from behind the net and straight before the shot took away Golkiz’s eyes and ability to guess where Pak was going. With rapid movement, there is very little time for the goalkeeper to react.

Combine Lindhome’s powers to win that Pak war Plus A pass behind the net (now courtesy of Gaudreau), and Pivot has a tying goal against the Kings earlier this week.

Lindhome’s two-pronged effort is felt in all three areas, under all circumstances. On a smaller scale, it can be as simple as closing the passing lanes and limiting the chances of a score. Or, it could be a pass to set up a linemate on the other end of the ice. Often, however, it facilitates plays that help Flames capture (and maintain) – whether it leads to sustainable stress. Or A goal.

The center has consistently contributed directly or indirectly to scoring plays that are critical to Calgary’s success throughout the season.

Data via Sportlogiq

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