Hit’s Kyle Lori ‘excited like hell’ for Sunday’s Toronto vs. Raptors

Miami hit point guard Kyle Lowry can’t wait to return to Toronto on Sunday.

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The former Raptors star wrote a column in the Players Tribune on Friday before the hit game at the Scotiabank Arena on Sunday. This will be Lori’s first game against the Raptors since signing with the Heat last off-season.

“I’m delighted to be playing at the Scotiabank Arena again and to hear the Raptors fans do their job again. I’m excited to go to court again with Freddie and Pascal and Ozzy – if Masai is the big brother, they’re my little brother, and they’re the boys now, they’re taking charge. And I’m excited to be able to feel the power of Toronto basketball again, “wrote Lori, expressing her love for the city.

Lori has not played in Toronto since February 2020 – before the epidemic drove the Raptors out of Toronto. He played another season with the Raptors in 2020-21, when the team was out of Tampa, Fla.

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Laurie missed his first game in Toronto this season because he was out of the lineup for personal reasons. The game was played with no fans because of the COVID-19 restrictions – and Lori told The Toronto Star’s Doug Smith that he was not going to play in that competition, even though he was on the active lineup.

“You know me. I’m not going to do it without the fans. I have no way to go back without the fans, whatever,” Lori told the Star.

Lori writes in the Players Tribune that she will always have a connection to Toronto.

“It will never be wrapped up between me and this city. With family, it’s never a goodbye. “

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