Four-star Javante lives in the state of Verin, NC chooses the state

The NC State has given time and effort to recruit Verin in Javante and has paid for it. Havelock’s four-star tight end, NC went public on Friday afternoon with his promise to pick the Wolfpack over Louisville and Maryland.

“After inspecting and researching all the schools, NC State was my first offer and they have been 100-percent honest with me all the way from September 1st,” Verin said. “My relationship with the trainers is better than any school I’ve ever been to. They run all sorts of routes with their hard edges and split them up and then turn around. We can run any route and that’s what I do. Usually I do.

“Many other schools tried to sell me and try to get me there but the NC state was 100-percent honest with me the whole time,” he said. “Of all the schools in my top three, they have shown me that they can use hard edges in the best way possible and that it is right for me.

“I think the NC State is doing a great job,” Verin said. “I think we’re building something there. Coach Doreen has been here for over ten years now. It’s as long as any other coach. He’s building something and I’m excited to be part of that process. I hope we have some of the best in the state. “We’re going to lose some receivers next year, so I hope we have Chris Culliver, Casey (Kevin Concepcion), Dylan (Smaders), Nathan Leak and Noah Rogers. It could be an influential team.”

Verin is a great athlete for NC State offenses. Don’t expect him to be used as a traditional tight end, especially early in his career. Verin is a verified 6-foot-2, 205-pound and works great for catching balls in space. He can present inconsistencies with slow linebackers and defensive backs that are not overly physical. The coaching staff of the NC state should be able to turn him into different formations so that he can exploit the weaknesses of the staff in defense. Verin’s frame should also be able to hold a much heavier mass, which will help him when called upon to assist in the running game. While Verin is on the short side for a hard edge, he has two older brothers who are at least 6-foot-5 so he is likely to be an inch or two inches taller.

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