Fact: The runner in front of Notre Dame Dante Moore

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny With Andrew Bones From BamaInsider.com, Christian Clement From AuburnSports.com and Kyle Kelly InsideNDSports.com addresses three issues and determines whether each statement believes FACT or FICTION.

1. After his weekend tour of Alabama, Crimson Tide could emerge as the front runner for the five-star QB Arch Manning.

Arch Manning

Arch Manning (Sam Spiegelman)

Gorni acceptance: Fiction. Alabama could be the pick and this weekend Tuscaloosa tour could convince Arch Manning that Crimson Tide offers him the best path to high-end success. I don’t think Five-Star Quarterback is taking these back-to-back-to-back visits to name front-runners, to play recruiting games, and to pay more attention. Manning is taking a very cautious approach to his appointment and a decision may be ready before the official visit but after visiting Texas, Georgia and Alabama in the last three weeks there is still no tough schedule for much.

Bone marrow: Fiction. Manning has a new story every week and which school can lead for his signature. I think most jump off the gun when it comes to making a prediction. These spring tours include watching practice, breaking film with coaches, feeling comfortable on campus, and making connections with staff and players. Reporters will continue to express their belief that whichever school leads (after each tour), but Manning will probably not find a leader after finishing his spring tour. He will know which schools will be officially inspected and will have a firm idea of ​​who will be in the mix until he comes close to a decision. This is Alabama’s chance to host Manning, and hopefully get an idea of ​​whether Tide will have a strong chance to add him to his class.

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2. Four star DE Hunter Osborne recently had a great tour of Auburn. The Tigers are definitely in the top group now.

Hunter Osborne

Hunter Osborne (Rival.com)

Gorni acceptance: Fiction. Hunter Osborne had a great tour of Auburn and the Tigers absolutely topped his list but of course there are three more standing a little higher. Trasville (Ala.) Hewitt Trasville’s four-star Alabama, Clemson and LSU are at the top of his list and can be difficult to overcome. The Tigers are going to have a serious run for him and there is definitely an opening because his trip to Auburn in recent days has been great but the three hardest teams to beat in recruitment.

Acceptance of Clement: FACT. I would certainly consider Auburn near the top of Hunter Osborne’s recruitment. Had a good relationship with her Nick Ison Formerly, and the new D-line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh A good deal of work has been done here to create it, which includes a pre-existing relationship from the time of the Brambagh in Oregon. Brian Harsin Osborne is preferred and this puts the Tigers in a great position in terms of his recruitment.

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3. Dante Moore made a multi-day tour of Notre Dame earlier this week. The Irish should be considered as the front runners in his recruitment.

Dante Moore

Dante Moore (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Gorni’s acceptance: FACT. Dante Moore still has a decent size list of programs he is interested in and I will not forget LSU because coach Brian Kelly Recently Baton Rouge was Moore and there has been a great connection to Notre Dame since Kelly’s day but the Irish make a lot of sense here. The word is that Moore prefers to stay in the Midwest and will be the team to lose to Notre Dame although I still don’t count Michigan as an extension. A multi-day tour in the South Bend says it has been really good and I would say the Irish now have a big edge right now.

Kelly’s adoption: FACT. Before Dante Moore arrived in Notre Dame on Monday, his father, Otha Moore, told Inside ND Sports, “Notre Dame is a very high-profile school.” After it was over, we reported that the five-star had an “incredible” tour. The Irish were in the driver’s seat before Moore’s trip and would have to feel better about their position later. Michigan, Oregon and a few SEC schools will not make the decision easy. However, signs indicate that ND is in a good position because Moore is working on a promise.

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