Fact: Texas is ahead of four-star Arab Ruben Owens

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny With Cole Patterson Of Orangebloods.com, Andrew Bones Of BamaInsider.com and Jack Carpenter ScarletandGrayReport.com addresses three issues and determines whether each statement believes FACT or FICTION.

1. Five-star DE Jaden Wayne is almost locked in Alabama after another trip there.

Jaden Wayne

Jaden Wayne (Rival.com)

Gorney’s acceptance: FICTION. Alabama is the sure leader at the moment. But there are still months left before National Signature Day and much more could happen. Oregon isn’t going down here easily and t Wayne is the next Kyivan Thebodox. Others are following very hard because Wayne is a rare athlete and defensive end. At the moment, Alabama is the losing team. Crimson has intrigued Tide Owen since the beginning of his career, but whenever the word “lock” is used, I get nervous.

Bone Acceptance: FACT. The term ‘lock’ is dangerous with many different factors that can arise during an appointment. Owen, however, listed Alabama as a heavy favorite to keep his signature. He continued to grow more comfortable with each visit to Tuscaloosa. Alabama is ahead. Can you hold it? There is still a long way to go for his appointment, but things are looking great for the tide right now.

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2. Ruben Owens goes to Texas. Longhorns should be considered as pioneers.

Ruben Owens

Ruben Owens (Rival.com)

Gorney’s acceptance: FACT. If Arch Manning chooses Texas, Ruben Owens is a complete lock for Longhorn. But even if Manning decides elsewhere, I still believe Texas is in the perfect place to get the No. 1 all-purpose reassurance in Class 2023. Owens seems to be very comfortable in Texas, he visits often and he is already committed to Longhorn so there must be high interest. I would be surprised at the moment if Owens ends up somewhere else though I would never count Alabama or Texas A&M for the top player.

Patterson’s acceptance: FACT. Texas rival 100 Arab has done a great job of recruiting Reuben Owens, who was committed to Longhorn before closing his initial commitment last summer. Alabama and Texas A&M are two other programs that have made things interesting, but the El Campo product shows a trend towards Longhorn. Running back coach Tashard Likes Owens has been a priority since joining the staff in December and has a great relationship with Owens. Steve Circassian. Another element to watch is the five-star QB Arch Manning and rival 100WR Janet Cook, two other big targets in Texas who are close friends of Owens. In the end, it’s safe to say that Texas is a pioneer in this field.

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3. Five-star receivers Colonel Tate and Brandon Inis could finish in Ohio State class after the tour this weekend.

Gorney’s acceptance: FACT. From what I’ve been told over the weekend, all the top Florida guys in Ohio State have loved the trip, and good news might come. When it comes to Colonel Tate and Brandon Inis in particular, I still believe that the Bookies have emerged as the losing team for Tate and perhaps the pioneer for Inis. Alabama and the USC are not going to go down easily. I’ll be especially wary of the Crimson Tide even though Ohio State has blown them both away. There is a very plausible argument that the game for two five star receiver Buckeyes.

Carpenter Acceptance: FACT. “Can” is the proverbial sentence there. There is no doubt that Ohio State is now in a much better position than before seeing both five-star receivers this weekend. During Saturday’s practice, Buckeyes’ quarters and receivers put on a beautiful electric showcase where both Inis and Tate were present. And the fact that Ohio State plans to bring in only two (possibly three) receiver classes in 2023 is a good indication. In particular these two consider quite different types of receivers which can be used in different ways in the field. Later this weekend, a source inside Buckeyes’ facility told me that “great steps” had been taken this weekend, although those steps may take some time to pay off.

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