Fact or Fiction: The Gamecocks Leads to Xzavier McLeod

Rival National Recruitment Analyst Ryan Wright With Bill Seal Of CycloneReport.com, Caleb Alexander GamecockScoop.com, and Andrew Hutchinson Take a look at HawgBeat.com’s three college football recruiting questions.

1. Iowa State Florida Landing could create a consistent recruitment pipeline among top-tier players.

Rocco Bekht

Rocco Becht (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Wright’s acceptance: FACT. The Iowa State Florida radar looks almost like a summer afternoon shower. The state of Sunshine is gaining momentum for the cyclone. Two were dropped from the 2022 class, one in 2021 and five in 2020. What will help Iowa State’s efforts is to include UCF in the Big 12. The prospect of two games every two years in Orlando in front of friends and family should help strengthen recruitment efforts in the state. Iowa State puts in the time and effort of Florida players to make it happen.

Acceptance of Seal: FACT. In some parts of the state, such as Tampa / St. In Petersburg, the cyclone area maintains a presence with employers Tyson Widd Getting them to the door with a number of strong possibilities. Four stars Rocco Beckett and Greg Gaines have signed up for the 2022 class and are the recent headliners. Work is underway in other areas of the state. Iowa State Fort Lauderdale DT Jason Hammond is committed, but South Florida has been a tough nut to crack, as staff 2022 priorities have been missed by Mason Thomas and Ahmed Motten late. For now, the Sunshine State will have priority over the Gulf of Mexico, and staff will follow a select few in other regions.

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2. Are the Gamecocks the team that lost to Xzavier McLeod?

Javier McLeod

Javier McLeod

Acceptance of Wright: FICTION. After being caught with Xzavier McLeod Rival Camp Series In Charlotte, he was refreshed from visiting Gamecox in a practice. After that, McLeod seemed to be running Gamecock but wanted to explore his options. He had Florida, Florida State, Auburn and Alabama in mind while visiting each program. Also at that time, the states of Michigan, Oklahoma and Ohio were in line for official visits. Anything can happen, but McLeod is more likely to land for an outside competitor.

Acceptance of Alexander: FICTION. If you had asked me this a few months ago, I would have told the truth. South Carolina first offered McLeod in March 2020, when he returned Will Mushamp Was still in charge and Eric Wolford McLeod was the chief employer. When Shane Beamer And as the company moves forward, they immediately place a huge priority on top Camden (SC) hiring, and McLeod has visited campus several times.

Unfortunately for Gamecocks, McLeod is no longer their little secret. It now has offers for all major programs, including Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, Penn State, Clemson, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and more.

He visited both FSU and Bama in March and left both tours with surprise reviews. Don’t get me wrong, South Carolina still has a real shot with McLeod, but it’s by no means a shoe-in. McLeod is using the spring to narrow his list to five official tours, and South Carolina still prefers to be one of them despite its frequent unofficial visits due to its proximity to Colombia. It would be essential to have McLeod on campus for the full experience so that Gamecocks could be in the top group competing for his placement.

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3. Arkansas could drop into a top-10 2023 recruiting class.

Shamar Easter

Shamar Easter (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Acceptance of Wright: FICTION. The rankings work, with Hogs’ 2023 Class Texas Tech (14) ahead of other FBS programs in the country in total commitment (10). That helped push Arkansas into the rankings, ranking third overall. To be in the top 10 for Arkansas, 10 to 13 four-star players must sign in and / or go down to five stars.

The current hall consists of seven three-star and three four-star. Razorbacks can close this class by adding 10 more possibilities that are ranked as four-star, but Hoggs does not usually close the recruitment rankings but fits the scheme. Can contribute and will go further for the program than chasing the stars for the top 20 team recruitment rankings with players matching the team mentality.

Hutchinson’s adoption: FICTION. Arkansas 2023 has made an incredible start to the class. It was unthinkable that there could be a top-3 class at any point in any recruitment cycle in Arkansas, but that’s it. Sam Pitman Thanks for securing some initial commitment worked. However, the celebration started too early. Powerhouses like Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson will likely climb the rankings as most of the top prospects will start committing. I think a top-20 finish is probably a more realistic finish.

Now, if the Razorbacks can build on a strong 2022 campaign last season and land some of the 2024 prospects on campus more than once, then the top-10 finishes for that class are not out of the question, in my opinion.

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