Fact or Fiction: Nyckoles Harbor should be a top-10 prospect

Rival National Recruitment Director Adam Gorny With National Recruitment Analysts Adam Friedman And Ryan Wright And Paul Strello TigerIllustrated.com addresses three issues and determines whether they believe each statement to be true or fiction.

1. Nyckoles Harbor should be a top-10 recruiter based on his track time and athletic ability alone.

Nichols Harbor

Nichols Harbor (Rival.com)

Gorney’s acceptance: FACT. Let’s not reconsider this: Nichols Harbor should be in the top-10, if not higher. He’s one of the most incredible track stars I’ve ever seen in his form – just please go to YouTube for some of his races – and he has a competitive drive, great physical features, and his athletic ability just off the charts. Of course, Harbor isn’t the cleanest or technically the best football player right now, but here’s what I know: You can teach technique but not Harbor-like speed and explosion, and once these two things come together we’re looking for someone special. The rankings are based on the college’s expected performance and NFL draft positioning, and Harbor will be liked not only by the college level, but also by professional taste makers.

Friedman’s adoption: FICTION. I’ve been stumping in the harbor for a long time and love his potential but I’m not sure he’s in the top-10 potential now. Athletically, he is the most talented prospect in this class but on the field he is still very raw. Harbor looks much more normal on the defensive side of the ball as the last or outer linebacker. He goes to the backfield regularly but he relies more on his speed than strategy. Harbor has not yet taken the next step in that area but he knows it should be his focus once the track season is over.


2. After seeing him at a camp weekend, Francis Mauigoa should be a five star.

Francis Mauigoa

Francis Mauigoa (Kid Rhino / Rival.com)

Gorney’s acceptance: FICTION. Here I see the difference: Francis Mauigoa may be a five star but what should he be? Not yet. I want to see more consistent dominance from his game, especially on the pads before I can be sure he is a five star prospect. See, we all know Mauigoa is incredibly special but for an attacking lineman to be five star we have to think that he will dominate the college level and then also dominate the combine, will be fascinated by team meetings, will be the total package. Mauigoir has all this equipment and I have no doubt that he is a great footballer but we need more opportunities to see him against elite competition to be fully convinced.

Wright’s acceptance: FACT. The NFL Draft has all the tools Mauigo has for the first round pick of the future. I’ve seen Mauigoa a few times in the last eight months, every time I’ve seen him he has added muscle mass to his frame and transformed his body into that five star possibility. His physique is where he needs to be with his athleticism. Like all high school players, his strategy is still evolving but the foundation of five-star greatness is there.


3. Four-star DE Matayo Viagaleli returns to see Clemson this weekend. Her brother plays there. The Tigers are also serious rivals for the younger Wagaleli.

Matayo Viagalei

Matayo Viagalei (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Gorney’s acceptance: FICTION. I just can’t see how it happens. Matayo Viagale enjoyed his tour with Clemson and especially saw his brother as an early quarterback, but I never got the idea that the four-star defensive end was interested in following Clemson as DJ for his college career. There is no question that some brothers follow each other. But I’m looking more closely at the St. Brown brothers in this example, where all three – Aquinimas, Osiris and Aman – have chosen different groups despite being close friends. The USC connects Viagra to the football and music industries, which can be important. Oregon has many choices and the duck is a player. Ohio State and Georgia are also there. Clemson is certainly in his appointment but I would be surprised if he ends up there.

Strelow’s acceptance: FICTION. Here we enter into semantics and define what constitutes a serious competitor. Can you dismiss Clemson as a valid candidate? No. There is considerable respect for Clemson in the Uiagalelei camp, and it adds to the balance of the way DJs have been nurtured in challenging private times. Will we consider the Tigers one of the front runners because of the situation? No. The state of Ohio has always had a more emotional appeal, although it’s easy to see why the USC and / or Oregon could keep an eye on it. So, we are taking this disagreement that Matayo goes in a different direction from his brother.

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