Fact: Justin Scott will be the next five stars from Illinois

Rival Recruitment Analyst Clint Cosgrove With Tim O’Halloran Of EdgyTim.com, Eric Lamars Of NittanyNation.com and Gabe Diarmond PowerMizzou.com addresses three issues and determines whether they believe each statement to be FACT or FICTION.

1. Justin Scott will be the next five star prospect from Illinois.

Cosgrove’s take: FACT. I have little question in my mind that Justin Scott will be the next five-star prospect from Illinois. Some would argue that it was a bit premature to crown Scott as the next person in the state, along with the offensive linemen Miles McVeigh and Charles Jagusah of the 2023 Five-Star candidates. I think McVeigh and Jagusah have a legitimate shot at the possibility of being five stars. But I believe that if any one of them is given a five-star, it will happen closer to next year’s signature day. Scott, on the other hand, has a very real chance of being awarded his fifth star when our next 2024 ranking update is released. He is as talented as he is physically and athletically in his shape, and the crazy side is that he has only played varsity football for one year.

O’Halloran’s Reception: True. It has been a big deal for competitors to hire a five-star for 10 names from the state of Illinois since 2002. If anyone outside of East St. Louis 2023 four-star offensive tackle Miles McVeigh (who I still think has a reason to consider a five-star) has a descendant to be the next five star, it’s Justin Scott. While I don’t think Scott is a five-star right now, I do agree that he has great shots to reach the rare air to become a five-star. Scott, at least for today, still has work to do. Scott’s biggest knock lacks overall live game experience and has yet to be tested to the highest level. I am thrilled to see Scott’s game continue to evolve over the next few months, with Scott becoming a more confident and physically influential player. Scott has all the ingredients to be a five-star.


2. After not signing an in-state player who has been in the top five since 2020, Tennessee will sign at least two of the top five players in its state in the 2023 class.

Ty Lockwood

Tie Lockwood (Nick Lucero / Rival.com)

Cosgrove’s acceptance: FICTION. I believe Tennessee Recruiting is doing a great job on the trail and I’ve heard recruiters talk about the volley over the last few months that I’ve put together over the years. I also see the Vols sign a fantastic 2023 class, but I don’t see them landing more than one of the top five players in the state because the situation is now standing. Tie Lockwood is the current No. 1 prospect in the state and is already committed to Ohio State, so if Tennessee can’t flip him, Caleb Herring, Andrews Redmond, Max Carroll and Luke Brown will have four appointments. Defeating Georgia and others at Herring will be a difficult task. Redmond’s Tennessee is in its top five, but so does Penn State and Georgia. Carroll of Tennessee should have a valid shot, but Vanderbilt will have a good fight. Brown’s recruitment continued to evolve and he remained open, but Tennessee was missing from the top eight published in January.

Lammers’ acceptance: FACT. Speaking of numerous possibilities across the state recently, the buzz seems real for Vols and especially for this class. Many times they are referring to high power crimes Josh Huppel Comes to Knoxville and the excitement that comes with scoring points in a bunch. However, another probably valuable topic that is often discussed is the authenticity that these volume workers are displaying and the relationships they are building because of it. Caleb Herring, Max Carroll, Trevor Duncan, Justin Brown and Bryce Sanders are some of the names of the states for which the Volls are correct. All of these players are in the top 10 for the state, and it’s reasonable to believe that the Vols must end up with two, if not more, as the rankings evolve throughout the year.

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3. Missouri rivals 100 offensive linemen Miles McVeigh and Caden Green should both feel confident about landing.

Miles McVeigh

Miles McVeigh (Rival.com)

Cosgrove’s acceptance: FICTION. I’m going to fable here with the warning that both have a chance to land in Missouri. I am fairly confident that the Tigers will end up with at least one of two nationally recruited offensive linemen. Since it is now sitting on Miles McVeigh the two are more likely to land in Missouri. Although McVeigh can go anywhere in the country, he seems to be constantly returning to the Missouri program. McWay’s team includes multiple friends and former teammates, including five-star Luther Burden, whose signed area has changed the way employers view the Missouri program. Caden Green released the top five in Nebraska, Miami, Oklahoma, Missouri and Michigan at the end of March. While the Greens have great things to say about each of their finalists, I’m predicting that the decision will come down to Missouri and Oklahoma, with the Sunars now on edge. He was born in Oklahoma and was an Oklahoma fan from an early age.

Acceptance of DeArmond: FICTION. Don’t get me wrong, I think Missouri got a shot. But they are both going to recruit strongly national people. At the moment, we feel better about Missouri’s potential with McVay (very good) than Green (potential, but less likely). Obviously there would be a huge coup for both Eli DringwitzBut if the Tigers can keep one of them at home and then add Raytown’s Logan Reichert – which we can probably guess – it should be considered a nice push on the offensive line.

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