Competition Rankings: Four Star D Peter Woods

Four-Star Defensive & Peter Woods released his top four on Thursday as Alabaster (Ala.) Thompson significantly reduced his list from more than 40 standout offers.

Alabama, Clemson, Florida and Oklahoma have cut back for Woods, who has traveled around the country and played in a power program in Alabama so he has met with plenty of coaches and is familiar with the recruitment process.

In today’s ranking The Contenders, we look at Woods’ four front-runners and put them in chronological order where he will commit.

1. Alabama

Losing Crimson Tide will be very difficult. Woods is an in-state prospect, former Alabaster (Ala.) Thompson teammate Jeremiah Alexander has signed there, Alabama coaching staff has been hiring him for a long time and will fit him in defense wherever he works well, and Woods has made numerous trips to familiarize himself with everything. . Others can’t be counted yet but Alabama is in a very strong position with Woods and has been around since the beginning of his tenure.

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2. Clemson

If there’s one team that could surprise Alabama, it would be Clemson. The Tigers have really sold out Woods and his family in the overall recruitment process, a real family of coaching staff thinks the four-star defensive lineman prefers and that the program has built high-level players in his position over the years. Alabama and Clemson have different approaches to the hiring process and the Tigers could make a compelling case as things continue in its hiring.

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3. Florida

Florida’s new coaching staff could actually be beneficial to the Gators because Woods knows a lot of coaches and staff and really likes them. He visited Gainesville and really liked it, liked the new facilities and the direction of the program. Playing as a coach Billy Napier There will be a big draw and all the staff the Gators have brought will be a big selling point as Woods looks to his liking.

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4. Oklahoma

Woods has always been interested in Suners but at the moment it seems like a long shot. Oklahoma was involved early in his appointment, the four-star defensive lineman always seemed interested by the program and looking for Oklahoma more but according to our records he has not yet gone to Norman. Recruitment started in 2009 Lincoln Riley Era and it could be further developed down Brent Venebles Since he is a defensive minded coach but others must be superior.

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