Can Leafs win the playoffs with a crime-first approach?

Can Leafs win the playoffs with a crime-first approach?

April 06, 2022

Kuiper, Bourne and producer Sam Leaf drive to the Panthers through Leafs ‘7-6 OT rate, and touch on Mitch Marner’s incredible short-handed goal to see if the Leafs and Panthers can succeed in the post-season with a crime-first approach, and if the Leafs’ The blue line is tough enough for the playoffs (1:21). Next, they talk about the team monster, Radco Gudas, Eric Calgren’s game and the way Goltender came out of the game and another bench in Toronto about the minor (20:04). Afterwards, David Amber stops to think about the events ahead in Sunrise, Florida, whether Leafs’ blue line play-offs can hold it back, the goaltending situation, William Nylander’s improved play since being called up. Out, and the Heart Trophy Race (41:08). Watch on YouTube. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of the host and guests, and not necessarily Rogers Sports & Media or any authorized position.

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