At the top of the table is Man City, Liverpool in a thrilling draw

Manchester, England (AP) – So much intensity, so much fine margin but nothing decided. However, the destination of the Premier League title is in the hands of Manchester City.

On Sunday, for the second time this season, the meeting between the top two teams in England ended with a point difference between City and Liverpool at the top of the standings.

For so many seasons, Liverpool have been in recovery mode. On his 30th birthday, in the 47th second of the second half, Sadio regained the standardized equalizer, which prevented City from advancing and kept the title race alive.

The first-half violence shows why current champions City were 14 points ahead in January but why the 2020 title winners are still in debate.

There were also high-quality slip-ups for all the moments that could be so rewarding.

After Kevin de Bruyne’s fifth-minute opener canceled out Liverpool forward Diego Jota eight minutes later, City goalkeeper Ederson slipped as he tried to clear Kyle Walker’s back-pass but he recovered just in time.

City took the lead at halftime after Joe Cancello’s cross in the 16th over for his first league goal after Gabriel Jesus had beaten the offside trap.

But what Jurgen Klopp told his Liverpool players at halftime came true. From the restart, Trent played with Alexander-Arnold Mohamed Salah and the pass slipped to take a shot over City goalkeeper Ederson.

City manager Pep Guardiola collapsed in his padded seat. The whole time – City’s substitute Riyad Mahrez – after the ball was over – there was a hug with the club.

And now for the third installment fight between the teams taking place in the FA Cup at Wembley on Saturday. The Premier League and the Champions League remain big targets for the greatest rivals of this English era.

Religion scrap

It is tight at the bottom, and Norwich continue to fight to avoid a drop after beating relegation-rivals Burnley 2-0.

Goals from Pierre Lis-Melo and Temu Pukki moved the last-placed side to seven points of survival, but 17th-placed Everton’s goal difference is much greater. Burnley are four points behind Everton, and Watford are two points behind.

After beating West Ham 2-0, Brentford could be more confident of not falling into a relegation battle. Brian Emboumo and Evan Tony set up goals for each other to win which pushed Brentford 12 points away from the relegation zone with six games remaining.

The first goal

Kierann Deusbury-Hall, a 23-year-old Leicester Academy graduate, scored his first Premier League goal after helping Ademola Lukman’s opener to a 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace. Lester removed the palace from the ninth place.

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