As expected for the new senators’ stadium, the NCC’s decision on the Leberton flat is not

The National Capital Commission, the corporation responsible for urban planning in Ottawa, said Thursday it had received “multiple responses” to its request for a development project proposal at Leberton Flats – a site that has long been considered a potential next home for senators – although the final decision is far from forthcoming. Away

The NCC is still working to finalize its “evaluation and due diligence process” for the project, it said in a summary of Thursday’s press conference. It was not immediately clear what these processes would involve. In addition to its evaluation efforts, the NCC noted that it would “advance negotiations with potential supporters.” The details of which parties are being considered in the process at this stage have not been made public.

While the NCC did not commit to a specific timeline for its decision, the corporation only said it would work to negotiate a lease with a letter of will and a signature of the board after the preferred proponent – or supporters. Managers update, scheduled for June, take place. Leases could be negotiated by the end of 2022, the NCC said.

While the process may not be close to a conclusion, it resumed in December 2021, when the NCC launched a request for interest centered around two major attraction sites. Deposits were accepted by the end of February 2022 It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post If they do not, they will not be among the candidates currently considered.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

A map of the Leberton flats showing the locations of the two areas for which project proposals were sought, A2–4 and AD1, as illustrated by the National Capital Commission.

Eugene Melanick, owner of the late Senator, was part of a bid to develop the site in 2016. That plan included a new area for the Ottawa NHL franchise. The project, derailed by a string of disputes and lawsuits, never succeeded.

The plan was officially declared dead by the end of February 2019 – and the NCC has incurred আইনি 2 million in legal costs, salaries, benefits and fees for three-plus years of planning, negotiation and delay.

In public, Melanick did not consider whether he intended to revive the plan more than half a decade after it was launched. However, in December he spoke of Bruce Garriok Ottawa Sun. That he was “always eager” for a chance at the Leberton flat. Most recently, on March 26, Elliott Friedman of Sportsnet reported that it was “widely believed” that senators were pursuing the Leberton Flats opportunity.

Melanick’s death last month at the age of 62 has certainly added another layer of uncertainty to the already complex process. While the company continues to work with its existing infrastructure, long-term decisions have been made about what will happen to the team and the possible new home rest on the shoulders of Melnick’s daughters, Anna and Olivia.

The NHL has long been a senator and party defender in Ottawa, and League Commissioner Gary Batman was a staunch advocate for the party, which has a downtown arena opposite its current home, the Canadian Tire Center, which is in a significant position. Travel away from the city center of Kanata. The Leberton Flats, just two kilometers from Parliament Hill, will address that concern.

There is also the possibility of a sports arena from the beginning in this round of NCC requests for proposals. According to its website, the NCC expects the main attractions of the development project to be a “regional and international draw for sports, recreation, cultural and / or recreational purposes”, the objectives of which will be satisfied in a new NHL arena.

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