Alex Anthopoulos has shown how to win it all

Here is an example about a Chinese farmer – famously the English writer Alan Watts – who first saw Anthony Paul while visiting ESPN Docusari, Man in the Arena: Tom Brady. In the story, a Chinese farmer loses a horse and neighbors tell him how bad it is. “Maybe,” he replies. The next day, the horse returned with seven wild horses. Later, the farmer’s son broke his leg while trying to control one of the wild horses. Neighbors come again and say, “Too bad.” The farmer gives them the same “probability” and the next day, the boy’s injury prevents him from being recruited to fight in the army. Lesson: When something happens, it usually takes some time before it becomes clear whether it is good or bad.

On the TV show, Brady, the superstar NFL quarterback, described how he relied on it to help him get a vision of change from one season to the next. While watching the episode, Antopolos was so inspired that he paused and went in search of his wife and children. “You have to see it,” he told them. “You have to listen to the story and the way Tom Brady tells it.”

Antopolos finds clear pleasure in noticing how the story relates to his own life. Last season, when the Braves lost a number of players, including star outfielder Ronald Akuna Jr., to injuries and suffered a miserable stumble in the first half, it looked pretty bad. But Antopolos’ actions – business for multiple players, including outfielder Eddie Rosario and Jorge Solar – indicate he’s not ready to throw in the towel, that “maybe” the team still had a chance to make some noise. Rosario’s bat eventually caught fire in the NL Championship Series, earning him MVP honors, while at the same time the same thing happened to Solar, whose name is World Series MVP. If the team had not endured the injury rash that plagued these players a few months ago, they might not have won the World Series, due to Anthony. You never know where the chain will take you.

“I was really sorry when I left Toronto,” Anthopoulos said. “I was devastated. It was hard. It was a decision I made, a difficult decision, but it was one I felt I wanted to make. It was important to me. And you never know how it’s going to turn out. At the time, it seemed really difficult. But I went to LA and I learned all these great things, and I came to Atlanta [and] We have won a world series. “

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