A fair award for three turbulent years at the Montessori Extension Blue Jess Helme

Good for Charlie Montoya.

The extension of his contract, agreed in recent weeks and announced by the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday, is a fair reward for work under his three turbulent years. After managing the 95-Los Bottom Touch of 2019, overseeing the epidemic season chaos of 2020 and the three-home track of 2021, all the big-league congratulations from Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Beachet and many more, some more job security. , Lowest, achieved.

The Blue Jays add another guaranteed year to Montoya in the 2023 season, somewhat more accurately with the team options after 2024 and 2025. Terms allow GM Ross Atkins both increased stability (Montoya will not go on any season as a lame duck) and the ability to pivot with relative ease when needed (remember Randall Grichuk’s extension).

The Blue Jays, like every team, like their flexibility, but when considering whether they’ve given Montoya a few more ropes instead of tethering their dugout, it’s like noticing an organizational tendency toward stability.

Keep in mind that former manager John Gibbons (and his coaching staff) remained in office for three sometimes uncomfortable seasons after the parties parted ways, taking over from President and CEO Mark Shapiro and Atkins Paul Biston and Alex Anthopoules.

Pitching coach Pete Walker and third-base coach Luis Rivera were in their roles when Montoya took over from Gibbons and there has been no turnover of staff since then, although more roles have been added.

In light of all this, Montoya feels like a bad April away from being on thin ice in contrast to how this Blue Jess front office has worked. And when all the problems সকল all-easy-answers এ in the manager’s set are quick to pin every loss to the 56-year-old, how many managers have gotten the ultimate three seasons like Montoya?

In 2019, he inherited a team that pitched with so much threadbare that he once declared his next day starter as “an opener and a man” and often referred to reliever Sam Gaviglio, the always available reliever who soaked 95.2 innings. Team MVP. The Blue Jays ran through 39 pitches that year as Socrates Britos and Allen Hanson handed the bat to Baseball World, including incumbents Luke Mail and Richard Urena.

Out of the ashes of the Gang Show came the 2020 epidemic season, when border restrictions meant he and his players gathered for summer camp in Dunedin, Fla., Not sure where they would train, let alone play. They camped in Toronto but were forced to take refuge in their Triple-A home in Buffalo after plans to play at the Rogers Center, and shares of stadiums in Pittsburgh and Baltimore fell. Nevertheless, a 32-28 finish qualified for their extended playoffs.

Last year, stuck at the closed border again, the Blue Jays started their season in Dunedin, moved to Buffalo and finally returned to Toronto. In the midst of all this turmoil, they finally got through the bullpen blasts and other hiccups to rally and be eliminated from the playoffs on the last day of the season.

Although Blue Jess in-game decision-making became a frequent point of discussion, it was not his fault that Tyler Chatwood and Rafael Dollys were often the best alternative to a bullpen where he had to make regular things.

And although the players, first and foremost, are credited with performing so relentlessly in difficult situations, Monteiro had a hand in keeping things from crashing. This statistic explains how the situation has deteriorated: the Blue Jays have 192 home games in their three seasons, of which 75 or 39 percent have not actually been at home in Toronto.

“Charlie should be the manager of the year,” race manager Kevin Cash, who won the award, said in an interview last September. “I mean, what he’s done in two years is amazing. It’s a special group there, but he has helped to keep that group together and integrate it with all the BSs due to travel and inconsistencies.

“Look at the uncertainty that all the players, of course Charlie and the staff, but in the end all the players faced. You have three home ballparks, you’re overwhelmed half the time because when we played them in Dunedin, we had fans there, in Buffalo, you got fans of the New York Yankees there – you don’t draw that up and the way the team removed it in the last two years and It’s a testament to the players’ ability to be very good, but so is Charlie. “

Now, Montoya faces a different challenge.

The adversity of the past three years has been replaced by the prospect of victory. The roster, once stocked with flyers and fillers, is stacked with stars and contributors. The team is at home, with a new scoreboard, LED lights and no power limitations on the stand. AL East is still a MetGrinder, but there is an extra post-season berth in the game.

To show the Blue Jays franchise the ability to help them survive some bad times, it’s time for Montoya, an extension in hand, to help the team improve even within its best opportunities.

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