7 exciting Canadian possibilities with NHL talent

Have you worked for me lately? This is a fair question most of the time. When not without it!

The Montreal Canadians advanced to the Stanley Cup Final against Tampa Bay in 2021 as the other 30 teams in the league sat and watched. Those teams, their GMs, head coaches, scouting staff, owners and of course fan base Canadians would do anything to relocate, even if they got smaller.

What happened next made them almost impossible. The company has started this season with the need to plug many holes. They lost to Shia Weber and Kerry Price. Joel Edmundson missed almost the entire season. Not to mention the players who have moved elsewhere in the free agency. The list goes on. There were a lot of changes here.

The team has even redesigned its front office and replaced its head coach. They are now setting a new direction, with new people.

But what has the leadership of the new front office inherited? What was left behind in the possibility pipeline?

Mark Bergevin always valued entry drafts and had no history of trading away draft capital. But he and Trevor Timmins, a former director of amateur scouting, lost their jobs in November. Martin Lapoint continues to lead the amateur staff (along with Nick Bobrov).

Bergevin, Timmins, and Lapoint housed a cupboard full of quality possibilities at various locations and perhaps laid a strong foundation for the future of Canadians that people perceive. And don’t forget, the team is hosting the 2022 draft this summer and will be on the floor with a total of 14 picks, including two first, two second and three third.

Montreal is likely to arrive sooner than expected.

Here are some future building blocks that Hobbes fans might look forward to seeing in the near future:

Jayden Struble: Second round, 46th overall, 2019

Important: 6-foot, 205 pounds, left shot defender

Going to his senior season in the Northeast in 2022-23. NHL teams aspire to this kind of possibility. He plays a hard-nosed style and can be physically punished. An intense competitor who does not lag behind the opponent. It is difficult to play against him. Jaden skates well and is capable of puck. I don’t expect him to see the ice in the power play as a professional, but he has projected to be a two-way defender who will use the penalty kill.

Matthias Norlinder: Round 3, 64th overall, 2019

Important: 6-foot, 185-pound, left-shot defenseman

Another defenseman who drafted the Canadians in 2019. He is the opposite of Strabble. Norlander is a two-way skating / puck moving defender who doesn’t get in the way of physical elements. He has good jump in space and reliable hockey knowledge. He doesn’t waste time deciding with Pak – he looks at his options and quickly removes it Project to be a reliable No. 5 or 6 in the NHL, who can be assigned to the second power play unit. He is currently playing for Frolunda at SHL.

Jacob Dobes: Fifth round, 136th overall, 202

Important: 6-foot-5, 197 pounds, goaltender

A giant in the net with his huge frame. A butterfly goalkeeper that also takes up a ton of space in the following time. His last three seasons have saved GAA percentages of .946, .915, .933 and 1.59, 2.38 and 2.22. Adequately goes side by side, but there is room to add more speed. Pak plays very well. Long range of outlets. A winner. It takes time with the goalie but he has a chance to be an NHL Pak stopper. He will be a sophomore at Ohio State next season.

Shawn Farrell: Round 4, 124th overall, 2020

Important: 5-foot-9, 175 pounds, left shot forward

An elite scorer from USHL (Chicago Steel). Farrell had a strong freshman season at Harvard in 2021-22 and played aggressively for his identity as a constant threat. Mix up the experience of representing the United States in the Olympic Games (six points from four games) and it is fair to say that it had an eventful development season. Simple and straightforward, this kid commits a crime. He’s not big, but he’s cunning and smart. Farrell has a high-profile vision in the offensive zone and is an asset to your Power Play unit. He added a nice alternative to the mix of Canadian Prospect Pools.

Relay Kidney: Round 2, 63rd overall, 2021

Important: 5-foot-11, 175 pounds, left shot forward

The Acadia-Bathurst Player Montreal draft pick for the QMJHL scoring title is challenging Joshua Roy. Kidney is a fun player to watch with high skill – he comes from the shore and plays in the middle of the ice. He has great vision and is more of a hen passer than a shooter. It’s interesting to note that he often scores equally well at home, like on the street, which tells me that matchups don’t bother him or affect his production. He is responsible enough to use even in defensive areas. Solid in the face-off circle, the kidneys have the top-six reversals at the NHL level.

Joshua Roy: Fifth round, 150th overall, 2021

Important: 5-foot-11, 186 lbs, left shot forward

His game trend continues. Production number 53 QMJHL tells the story with 97 points in the game. His shooting percentage has been consistent and he has added more distribution to his arsenal. It has an extra gear needed when the rush stop speed point is improved. No doubt its material offense. Montreal did well by adding this possibility in the fifth round. There are opportunities for his organization to be a productive player.

Kyden Guhle, first round, 16th overall, 2020

Important: 6-foot-3, 210 lbs, left shot defender

Best for the end. A top pair of these players are likely to be NHL defenders. He is a complete player. There are no holes in his game. He executed with good skates and twists. He can be trusted in all aspects of the game. Guhle, the worst, will bring minor offenses. He is also a bodyguard who closes the gap in his lane with authority. An elite prospect and foundation player. Guhle brings leadership on top of his skills. Currently in WHL with Edmonton.

Honorable mention:

Ty Smilanic, FWD
Brett Stapley, FWD
Emil Heinmann, FWD
Jan Mysak, FWD

Don’t sleep on Arbor Shekaz, who is playing for OHL Hamilton, an undefeated, big, bruised, two-way defender.

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