2023 North Cob Arabic Benjamin is a description of the promise of the Michigan Wolverine

North Cob High School was loaded into the 2021 season, pushing their record 10-2 against the 7A Georgia squad. Working out of the Warriors backfield with dual-threat Malachi Singleton, Benjamin Hall carried the rock 95 times for 543 yards in nine games, including eight trips to the last zone. Proving to be every down back, he made 12 passes for 110 yards and added some extra for the College Scouts to watch. Offers sit at 20, but Michigan has met their growing 2023 target.

Hall and Michigan made their connection in January, but the March 19 Ann Arbor tour sealed the deal.

“They proposed to me in January,” Hall said. “They were trying to get me there for a visit. When I visited March 19, I knew something from there; I love it. They were waiting to wait, but they were ready to jump on me. Two weeks after my visit, I am committed. ”

More details were added about why he “loved” Michigan.

“The overall family environment, the football-first mentality, and the people there was my speed,” Hall said. “Michigan is a great program and a great school. I fit in there outside of football.”

Running back coach Mike Hart knows how he will use the power of the hall once on campus.

“Coach Hart told me he liked my ability and knew I would fit into their scheme,” Hall said. “They like that my outlook is very good and I have a lot of big backs that can get a lot of carry and every one can be a down back.”

Hall has already scheduled his officer with Michigan for June 17th. He talks about what he wants to see and do on a payday trip to the 2023 standout Ann Arbor.

“It’s really about building relationships when I’m there,” Hall said. “I graduated in December; I’ll be admitted soon. ”

If quick scout evaluation

Great size and speed, already have a collegiate back look. How he sees slides through holes; He knows the crime well. Once he gets to the crease, the hall explodes and ends at speed. As he moves to the second level in the mix, his field of vision allows the elite to pick up extra yards. Help his energy push the field down the chain.

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